Flexible Seating Part 3

Alternative work surfaces for students

I don’t have any traditional desks in my classroom, but I do have a number of large tables where students can sit to work. As you can see from the photos, more often than not, the tables are shoved off to the side and students create their own little zones to work independently or in groups and they heavily favour sitting on the floor or a low stool. To give them some choices for work surfaces I purchased clip boards, small dry-erase boards, and a few tray tables. Once again, hooray for the dollar store! These items are always in use in the room; in fact I’d definitely like to get some more for next year. The small tray tables can also be placed on top of a table to create a personal standing desk. A kid thought of that, and it became his preferred workspace all year.

My next goal will be to create some more vertical non-permanent surfaces for student use (yeah, that’s a trendy term right now – it means writing on the walls. You can read about the idea behind it on Graham Fletcher’s blog or anywhere else on the internet when you search VNPS.) I’ve got a ton of blackboard space in my class that mostly gets covered in large pieces of kraft paper and used for all kinds of things, but I’m thinking it’s time to start repurposing some of that space. More on that to come.

VNPS space!